Xctuality : At Once Unknown & Famous  

We started December with a whirlwind week in Manila. Our MetaFarms participated in the Philippines Blockchain Week, won a slot at The Final Pitch, and was picked up by industry influencers. In the same week, we launched Paradise MetaWorld during the 27th Asian Television Awards.  

Over in Singapore, NFTAsia organisers and the media were kind to us. They featured us prominently as a home-grown metaverse trailblazer. We were in two exhibition booths – the second one with HISO with whom we produced their immersive demo. Channel News Asia featured us on both video and article.

We also 

  • Went live with Goama Games for phygital experience
  • Went live with GlobalTix to sell and distribute event tickets  
  • Went live with the inaugural I.CON that will see top global YouTubers and influencers 
  • Signed launch of “CX Labs” with Conversence to transform retail customers’ experiences  
  • Spoke at the 3-day online Global Investor Conference organised by Linqto 
  • Got featured in an e27 article on founder’s learnings in 2022

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