PriyoShop: Transforming the Supply Chain in Bangladesh

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December 13, 2023

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PriyoShop, a local B2B marketplace founded in 2021 by Asikul Alam Khan and Dipty Mandal, is on a mission to transform how Bangladeshi micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) manage their supply chains.

Despite the significant contribution of MSMEs to the national GDP (which has surged to 25%), this sector faces considerable challenges, especially in supply chain management and technology adoption.

With their digital B2B platform, PriyoShop aims to revolutionize traditional supply chain practices for local businesses. Their app equips micro-merchants with a digital catalogue, allowing them to sell products without stocking inventory. It also aids merchants in sourcing products for their shops. PriyoShop has its fleet in Dhaka and collaborates with third-party logistic partners across the country, ensuring efficient logistics. Moreover, they offer BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) support, enabling retail agents to access digital credit services swiftly.

Asikul Alam Khan, PriyoShop’s Co-founder and CEO, emphasizes the challenges faced by small businesses in accessing supplies from wholesale markets. He highlights issues like time wasted in traffic, store closures during purchases, and limitations in acquiring the right quantity and quality of products. These hurdles create tough competition among small shops, affecting both profit margins and customer satisfaction.

To address these challenges, PriyoShop provides a user-friendly app in Bangla, simplifying the process for tech-inexperienced merchants. When an order is placed via the app, PriyoShop notifies brands and distributors, arranging product availability confirmation and delivery to the shop. This digitalized system eliminates the need for physical purchasing in crowded markets, empowering merchants to manage their stores efficiently in real time.

By leveraging this asset-light model, PriyoShop aims to modernize the traditional supply chain, making it more efficient for everyone involved. Their goal is to empower MSMEs, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers by creating a comprehensive technology-driven platform for improved connectivity, logistics, and working capital.

With its vision to expand services across Bangladesh and South Asia, PriyoShop is swiftly becoming the most efficient and rapidly growing B2B marketplace in Bangladesh.


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